John Handcock Travel Insurance Review 2024 pros and cons

John Handcock Travel Insurance

John Handcock Travel Insurance Review

John Hancock is an extended-status and nicely-regarded insurer. The agency has been around for more than a century because it became founded in 1862.

We’ll cover the tour coverage guidelines. John Hancock gives coverage alternatives, limits, and rates you can count on to pay. We’ll also compare John Hancock with other main tour coverage carriers to help you better understand their similarities and variations.

Regardless of your timeline, vacation spot, or itinerary, it is important to recollect the outcomes that an unexpected occasion could deliver during your deliberate journey.

Insurance will be a sensible investment if you’re confronted with tour-related fees like medical charges, emergency evacuation, experience delays, and extra.

Why purchase travel insurance?

Making certain travel coverage is a part of planning your trip. Travel coverage is designed to cover unexpected and surprising events that could arise before or at some point in your journey.
This insurance is ideal for your cruise, home and worldwide journey plans.

Cancellations and Interruptions

If you needed to cancel your go-to vacation at the final minute, how plenty money would you lose?

This insurance provides repayment in case you want to cancel or interrupt your trip for a blanket cause, including the unexpected contamination of you or a member of the family, intense climate, or activity loss.

Travel coverage covers neglected connections, ride delays and further transportation expenses to go back domestically.

what offers john hancock travel insurance

Enjoy a full spectrum of benefits designed in particular for Tourists.

  • 24/7 Assistance
  • Trip Cancellation
  • Trip Interruption
  • Airline Ticket Change Fee
  • Terror Attack Coverage
  • Trip Delay
  • Missed Connection
  • Baggage/Personal Effects
  • Emergency Accident & Sickness Medical (Primary)
  • Pre-ex Waiver (conditions apply)
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation

Travel insurance plans from John Hancock

John Hancock continues it easy by supplying just three number-one plans:

Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each presents extraordinary insurance limits,
and your premiums depend on your non-public info and ride specifics.
Here’s an observation of the insurance limits you may get with each plan:

Trip cancellation100% of the trip cost100% of the trip cost100% of the trip cost
Trip interruption125% of the trip cost150% of the trip cost
Emergency medical$50,000 (primary coverage)$100,000 (primary coverage)$250,000 (primary coverage)
Medical evacuation & repatriation$250,000$500,000$1,000,000
Travel delay$500 ($150 daily limit, 6+ hour delays)$750 ($150 daily limit, 3+ hour delays)$1,000 ($200 daily limit, 3+ hour delays)
Baggage delay$250 ($250 daily limit, 12+ hour delays)$500 ($500 daily limit, 12+ hour delays)$500 ($500 daily limit, 12 hour delays)
Baggage & personal items loss$750 per person$250 per item$750 specific items limit$1,000 per person$250 per item$1,000 specific items limit$2,500 per person$250 per item$2,500 specific items limit
Missed connection$200 (3+ hour delays)$750 (3+ hour delays)$1,000 (3+ hour delays)
24-hour accidental death & dismemberment$25,000$100,000$100,000

John hancock travel insurance pros and cons

Additional insurance alternatives from John Hancock

Like many different journey insurance carriers, John Hancock gives some accessories. These include:

  • Rental-automobile collision coverage
  • Cancel for any motive (CFAR) insurance
  • Accidental death & dismemberment (for air journey handiest)

These accessories may be bought at the identical time as your coverage for an extra value.And the insurance quantities may also range depending on the coverage bought.

Does John Hancock Insurance Agency Have 24/7 Travel Assistance?

John Hancock Insurance Agency plans include:

  • Getting the right of entry to their 24/7 emergency help hotline will let you deal with issues.
  • Finding medical care arrange
  • Arranging for medevac transportation.

The assistance services also can help with troubles which include forgotten or broken prescription medicines, finding an English-speaking doctor, advising you where to go in case you lose your passport, emergency coins assistance and legal services.

How a lot does John Hancock’s journey insurance value?

The most important thing to bear is that the price of your policy will commonly rely on your age and the price of your experience. So premiums can range broadly.

That stated, the industry averages for travel coverage range from 4% to 8% of overall journey prices, which is a superb benchmark to have in thoughts.

And fortunately, getting a quote from John Hancock is simple. Go to its internet site and input the required records about the traveller and journey. You’ll be required to offer data together with the following:

  • Your nation of residence
  • Age
  • Destination
  • Travel dates
  • The cost of your trip

We pulled some exceptional charges as examples to sample how much coverage from John Hancock might cost.

We’ll first study the coverage options for a 30-year-old Kansas resident taking a -week experience to Thailand and spending $3000.

With charges from $111 to $160, this tourist can pay around 4% to five% of their trip cost for insurance. This is on the lower end of the enterprise averages due typically to the traveller’s age.

The next instance is the rates for a 55-yr-antique Maryland resident visiting the United Kingdom for two weeks. The journey price is set at $6,000.

The premiums range from $305 to $451, representing five% to 7.5% of the overall trip cost, depending on your insurance degree. Again, consistent with industry averages.

Finally, we compared the fees for the three exceptional John Hancock plans for a forty-12 months-antique resident of Oregon spending $eight 000 on a ride to South Africa.

In this example, the charges range from $422 to $545. These can also appear high. However, they are nonetheless inside five% to 7% of the overall fee of the trip.

As you can see, the coverage value depends especially on the tourist’s age and the overall value of the experience. That stated all of these rates align with enterprise averages via being somewhere between four% and eight% of total ride costs.

How do I file a claim with John Hancock?

John hancock Travel insurance claim

John Hancock Insurance Agency, Inc. To submit a claim, please use the under touch facts: Claims USA: 1-866-888-7803 (Toll-Free)

You could start journeying the organization’s claims internet site if you need to file a claim.
The claims branch can also be contacted by phone at 855-422-6462 or via email at

Any documentation you might need to consist of together with your declaration can be emailed to the email cope above or mailed to:

  • Claim Benefit Services
  • P.O. Box 459084
  • Sunrise, Florida 33345

For popular statistics and questions, John Hancock’s customer support line is 866-511-9104.

At what age can you no longer get travel insurance?

Different insurers impose special maximum age limits on their guidelines. While some vendors set the restriction as low as 65 years antique, others will cowl senior residents aged 100 years or older.

What travel insurance will not cover?

Most tour coverage guidelines won’t pay out when you have an accident or have assets stolen while you’re below the impact of drugs or alcohol.

Do seniors need travel insurance?

Finding the proper journey coverage while you’re over 65 is necessary. Seniors’ travel coverage is essential to protect your vacation from surprising occasions and consists of cover for clinical costs, bags, journey cancellation and extra. You can buy a seniors travel coverage policy as much as the age of 130.

Can you get travel insurance for pre-existing conditions?

Having a pre-existing circumstance does not disqualify you from getting journey insurance. However, your pre-existing circumstance will have to be considered “solid” before your effective date to obtain coverage.

How much travel insurance do I need?

You must ensure your entire experience fee. The overall ride cost isn’t always just airfare and resorts but all journey expenses you incur before your departure date, including excursions, event tickets, theme park passes, cruise ship tours, and so on. You should buy your plan within 14 days of making your ride deposit or first price.