13 Best Recession Proof Investments for Beginners

1. Consumer Staples

No matter what the economic climate is, there are some things that people will keep on buying.

2. Telecom

you can go without food for a few days and call it extended fasting but don’t you touch my internet telecom is growing at almost 10 year-over-year.

3. Cheap Fast Food

Fast food consumption is reversely correlated with the economy. When people have more money, they try to eat at fancier restaurants. 

4. Grocery Stores

Especially price-conscious stores historically do really well Walmart Costco, Kroger aldi sam’s club, little dollar store etc. 

5. Self-Education or Mastery

As a great rule in life, nobody can take away anything that you’ve already learned, which is why investing in yourself is definitely recession-proof the more financially educated you are

6. Gold and Precious Metals

Gold is a hedge against inflation and economic downturns. It’s actually the favourite hedge of the unsophisticated investor silver is a close second

7. Technology Stocks

Tech stocks have taken a beating this year, with many worrying that tech companies are becoming too big but looking toward the future

8. Pharmaceutical Stocks

Recessions are a thriving ground for pharma companies, especially with the bump that they’ve had during the pandemic

9. Utility Stocks

No matter how bad things get, you must turn your lights on. There’s an entire investing strategy to holding utility stocks in your portfolio.

10. Blue Chip Art

This might surprise most of you, but art, especially good art, is one of the best ways to protect yourself during recessions.

11. Life Insurance

Even more importantly, life insurance is one of the booming plays of a recession.

12. Hedge Funds

For those in our community who are already well off, ask your financial advisor for a list of local hedge funds that did well in the past two recessions and start making some meetings.

13. Evergreen Businesses

We love businesses with strong fundamentals that offer a great product to a recurring audience evergreen businesses  

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