Inflation 2022: How has a price rise affected education spending in the US?

The National Retail Federation reports that back-to-school spending has risen dramatically since the pandemic.

On average, shoppers will spend $168 more than in 2019, while total spending is up to $11 billion.

The amount Americans will spend on back-to-school shopping is slightly lower than in 2021.

The National Retail Federation discovered that families with children from elementary to high school will spend, on average, $864 on school supplies

which is approximately $15 more than last school year. This means that students and parents have to be more careful about where they spend their money.

According to the survey, 35% of Americans who plan on shopping for back-to-school this year said that they will look for coupons and sales more frequently due to inflation.

How to Fight Inflation While Back-to-School Shopping

Copeland of Very Informed believes that most back-to-school shoppers will be looking for coupons and sales to help them reduce their inflated costs.

Many parents buy items for their children that are already in their homes. This includes pencils, paper, rulers and colouring materials.

Consider using resources at home instead of spending money on unnecessary items.