iPhone 14 Pro latest rumors

Apple's iPhone 14 Pro could be the new iPhone. It may bring a significantly different design to the iPhone 13 Pro.

A new range of colours has been leaked by an iPhone 14 Pro leak, including a dark purple.

 This may be our first look at the iPhone 14 Pro. We also examine what the "Far Out" invite says about the iPhone 14.

We have reviewed all design changes that can be expected around the iPhone 14-notch. Expect a major shift with the iPhone 14 Pro.

Apple has just announced the date for the Apple September Event. This is when the iPhone 14 series will likely make its debut.

We have considered whether the iPhone 14 Pro is worth the $100 price increase.

Apple is confirming that the iPhone 14 will be launched in September.

 A recent rumour and tip have that the iPhone 14 Pro will get a $100 price increase. The iPhone 14 Pro may reach $1,099, while the iPhone 14 Pro Max might reach $1,199.

 The iPhone 14 Pro could become the phone many have been waiting for. Pro models are expected to improve the iPhones of the past few years significantly.