McDonald's Offers McChicken Sandwiches at $1.01 Monday

McDonald's has a week with deals that have back-to school overtones during August

The week of deals begins on August 15, with McChicken 101.

Basics of the race to reproduce the success of Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

Get a McChicken sandwich starting at $1.01

When you order through the McDonald's mobile application.

Similar deals will be available with "class"-themed pricing through Thursday

After you have completed the four-day discount period

you will be eligible for a bonus perk to reward your perfect attendance

Double reward points for one meal purchased between August 22 and the end of the current month

This run includes a breakfast sandwich on Tuesday and coffee for $2.01.

On Wednesday, you can get a ten-piece McNuggets order for $3.01

On Thursday, get a Big Mac with fries for $4.01.