U.S Adults Suffering at a Record High Inflation

Adults across the America United States are suffering at an unprecedented rate. 

That's the latest conclusion in a series of surveys by Gallup.

As per Gallup's methodology, the proportion of people who rate their lives in a way that is poor enough to be considered suffering reached the record highest of 5.6 per cent in July.

The survey dates back to 2008 and requires respondents to evaluate their present and anticipated future status of their personal lives using a scale from zero to 10.

Responses within the range of 0 to 4, classified as suffering with 5 to 6 struggles and 7-10 as thriving.

According to the report, the most recent results "exceed the previous 4.8 per cent recorded in April.

It is also statistically superior to all previous estimates from the Covid-19 period."

Gallup estimates that "economic conditions could be an important factor in these deteriorating scores" and adds: "Dovetailing with economic headwinds is the growing discontent about U.S. moral values.

It shows the proportion of U.S. adults rated their lives using a scale of 0-10, known as suffering.