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Does Jim Cramer like Tesla Stock More Than Ford In the ‘Remarkable’ Q3?

Jim Cramer like Tesla Stock More Than Ford
Jim Cramer like Tesla Stock More Than Ford

Tesla Inc(NASDAQ: TSLA) shares are pushing the accelerator to the floor after the electric vehicle company announced higher figures than investors had hoped.

Jim Cramer applauded the results but did it suffice to convince the long-time Ford Motor Co(NYSE F) fanatics to vote in favor of this Elon Musk-led company?

What You Need to Learn: Cramer said he’s amazed by Tesla’s capacity to keep up with issues.

“[Teslareported another solid quarter, which is impressive considering the recent lockdowns across China,” Cramer said Wednesday on CNBC’s “Mad Money.”

The CNBC host also said he’s more interested in purchasing Ford or General Motors Co (NYSE: GM).

“Unlike Tesla, Ford’s got more than 3.3% yield, and a myriad in new vehicles that’s largely sold out including electrics,” Cramer said.

He admitted that Ford isn’t as flashy or has that “pizazz” as Tesla; however, maybe it’s good, He said.

Pizazz dragged Musk into a tense issue that he is now in with Twitter Inc(NYSE: TWTR). The CEO added that Musk could be forced to sell Tesla shares to buy the social media company.

“Rather than growth in the past it is an industry that is concerned about the value of its products and their future. This is what you must be looking for. These are not the most successful winners of the last decade, but the future winners of the coming century,” Cramer emphasized.

“Mad Money” host “Mad Money” host reduced the Ford position to fund his charitable trust near the highs and is waiting for the right moment to purchase the shares. At the beginning of the month, he said he’d increase his stake when the price dropped to $10 per share.

What does Jim Cramer say about Tesla stock?

” I’m going to save enough money to buy an Tesla and I’d like to purchase the shares of Tesla,” Cramer remembers her saying. She did indeed buy in and saw Tesla’s share price rise by 10 times, according to Cramer.

Is Ford more profitable than Tesla?

The data was posted by @ForwardCap who tweeted a graph that shows that Tesla has made 4.5 times more profit per vehicle than Ford or General Motors. According to the graph, Tesla made $10,702 net earnings/delivery. This is more than Ford’s $2371 and General Motors’ $2,391.

What is the next stock like Tesla?

BYD, and the Nio are the next Tesla The future Readiness Article.

Could Ford stock go as high as Tesla?

Ford Motor (F) stock has enjoyed a phenomenal year, soaring to 118% over the course of the year due to some better-than-expected profit results. In fact, Ford can go four for four if its fourth quarter results are consistent with the current trend.

Will Tesla Surpass Ford?

Ford estimates that it will produce 2 million electric cars worldwide in 2026. GM estimates that it will be able to build a capacity of over two millions EVs across North America and China combined until 2025.