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10 Best Top Paying Blue Collar Jobs in 2024

People generally don’t associate Blue-collar jobs with seven-figure bank accounts. Some millionaires, however, trace their fortunes to their time working as plumbers, farmers, construction workers, bus drivers and janitors.

Here’s a look at the millionaires who built their fortunes on the foundation of the high-paying manual labour jobs that got them started. Today we have 10 Blue-collar jobs that turned people into millionaires.

10 Top Paying Blue Collar Jobs

Top Blue Collar Jobs

1. Roofer Roofing

How roofing turned into a million-dollar business lee Heights is now a millionaire and runs roofing professionals with his father. It’s a multi-state business that separates itself from the crowd by handling complicated insurance claims processing while also performing residential and commercial restorations in growing the business height displayed a level of online marketing skills and social media savvy that is rare among roofers his average transaction value is more than $20000.

It is difficult, dangerous, and potentially lucrative work lee Heights grew up in the business. His father and uncle owned roofing companies, and height landed his first roofing contract when he was just 13. he took the roofing trade to new heights as he combined his skills with an entrepreneurial spirit.

2. Construction

How construction made josh a millionaire while josh downing was working for a construction firm, he advertised his services on thumbtack, an online platform that pairs treats people with customers. After landing a few side gigs, his thumbtack profile soon became a lucrative second revenue stream. Those side gigs eventually earned him enough money and connections to form the construction firm direct movement group, which brought in 4.9 million dollars in revenue in 2016.

3. Steel Worker and Motorcycle Builder

The rise of the steel industry coincided with and fueled the emergence of the united states as a global superpower paul tweedle senior spent 20 years as one of the countless men and women who earned a blue-collar living working with steel which is a key component of what was always toodles true passion motorcycles.

4. Motorcycles

How custom motorcycles made him a millionaire paul toodles senior built custom motorcycles as a hobby before he struck out on his own and created orange county choppers, a custom bike shop featured on the reality tv show American chopper from 2003 to 2010. the athletic and heavily tattooed tutor employed his sons, and the show became known for the ferocious arguments that frequently erupted between the hot-tempered family of motorcycle craftsmen. The show was a huge success tudo was a celebrity, and even one of his sons has a net worth in the millions.

5. Remodeling Homes

How he made millions of remodelling homes before hg tv and an endless stream of home improvement and house flipping shows. There was this old house, bob villa. The original host shared his remodelling secrets with the world starting in 1979 when the long-running show debuted. He has won 18 Emmy awards and garnered 85 nominations villa hosted several similar shows as well and today is worth 25 million dollars.

6. Crab Fishermen

How crab fishing made him a Millionaire Sig Hansen is the captain of the fishing vessel Northwestern, one of the main competitors on the successful reality tv show the deadliest catch. Just as captain Hansen worked his way up through the fishing trade, he climbed through the crowded ranks of reality tv stars. Today his net worth is estimated to be 4 million dollars.

Few blue-collar jobs are more demanding and dangerous than fishing for crabs in Alaska’s rough and frigid Bering sea. That, however, is exactly how sig Hansen earns his living as a Norwegian American from a long line of nordic fishermen. Hansen grew up around the trade and worked on his parent’s fishing boats as a youngster.

7. Plummer

How plumbing brought in millions today Pimlico plumbers is the biggest plumbing business in London with more than 400 employees, and Mullins might be the wealthiest plumber in the world. He attributes his success to hands-on management and basic fundamentals he wrote to succeed on the little things showing up on time, making pricing transparent and honest, and cleaning up after himself when the job was done.

When charlie Mullins was a child, he was inspired by a visit from a local farmer who was popular around town and had plenty of money to spend. At 15, Mullins dropped out of school and became a plumbing apprentice. In 1979 the British entrepreneur started his business, pimlico plumbers.

8. General Contractor

Construction work has been the backbone of America’s blue-collar culture, and many successful people got their start by turning raw materials into structures. Among them is josh downing, a 31-year-old full-time general contractor, when he started his journey toward wealth and independence.

9. Baker

How baking earned her millions mignon franchise operation was a success in the big easy and soon after the cupcake collection opened a branch in Nashville Tennessee just a few years later in 2011 the new Orleans inspired cupcake business had earned Francois her first million according to a report from the city’s ABC affiliate her hottest seller continues to be the sweet potato cupcake.

Many hobbyist bakers dream of opening their own cake or pastry shops, but the food and dessert business is especially hard to break into. However, New Orleans baker mignon Francois beat the odds and did exactly that. She and her family opened a cupcake shop called the cupcake collection, and the baker became a businesswoman.

10. Janitor Custodial Work

It is as blue-collar as any job, and it’s exactly the job that steve Hightower did as a young man. His parents owned a janitorial company, and Hightower earned money by doing the hard, dirty work of cleaning and maintaining buildings; although he used the money to work his way through college, he never aspired to a white-collar career
three how he went from custodian to CEO.

Steve Hightower is now the CEO of a petroleum transport and sales business which grew out of a construction company he started with the money he saved working as a janitor in college. Although janitorial work isn’t directly related to either construction or oil, Hightower still attributes his success to the work ethic he developed during his years working nights and weekends as a janitor.

What is blue-collar vs white-collar?

The most obvious is that the white collar worker is employed in an office Blue collar workers work in non-office environments, like production lines, construction sites and on the road, among others.

What are red collar jobs?

The red-collared workers are the most straightforward collar group to define. They’re employees of the government of all kinds. They’re also known as the “red collar” moniker derived from earlier government techniques for labour compensation. The government workers would receive their compensation through what was called the budget for red ink.

What jobs are white-collar?

The typical white-collar jobs are the management of companies, lawyers, accountants, financial and insurance positions, consultants, computer programmers, and many more. Many jobs that require a t-shirt and tie are very low-paying and stressful, particularly in the current tech and services sectors.

What is yellow collar job?

Yellow-Collar Workers – people are working in the creative industry. They can work on blue and white-collar jobs and work that is not in each category, such as photographers, directors, Filmmakers and Editors. Red-Collar Workers – Government employees of all sorts and farmers.

What is a purple collar job?

Jobs with a purple collar can be described as skilled workers, usually blue and white-collar. Information technology professionals are a good instance. They’re predominantly white-collar, but they can also do blue-collar work regularly, including technicians and engineers.

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