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Zion finance review 2024 Is safe or a scam?

What Is Zion Finance LTD?

Zion Finance offers credit and finance services to individuals and businesses around the globe.

This is what the company claims to do on its website.

They claim they are involved in precious metals and securities.

These profits are what make them rich.

Transparency of the company and the ability to prove profits are some of the key things I look for in a solid program.

We will be looking at an opportunity to provide passive income for members through various financial avenues.

We have seen many companies boast that they can make profits by investing and trading, but most of these claims are void of any evidence and often get shut down.

We are going to review Zion Finance today to determine if it is a long-term, legitimate investment company with real strategies. Or if you should just stay away.

zion finance review

Zion Finance Review – Overview

  • Program: Zion Finance
  • Type: Investing, Cryptocurrency
  • Program Owner: Unknown
  • Minimum Price:$10
  • Payment/Withdrawal Methods: Various Cryptos like BTC, ETH, LTC…
  • Money-Back Guarantee: None

Zion Finance Company Details

  • When I search for an investment company, the first thing I look at is its CEO or owner.
  • This will allow me to find out more about the background and history of the person/s.
  • There was no information on the company’s website regarding the names of the individual.
  • Although Zion Finance is listed as Dave Donski on the website, I could not find him online.

Here’s what I discovered when I searched for domain names:

  • The domain name “” was registered for the first time in May 2018. It was last updated on 7-2020.
  • The domain name was privately registered.

Private registrations mean that the owner’s name field is left blank or the word “private”.

Zion Finance is proud of its long history of operation.

They are currently in operation in the UK.

The website of the company is beautiful, up-to-date, and very user-friendly.

Although the company offers securities, I could not find a UK license for it.

Zion Finance Key Facts

  • Zion Finance offers dubious investment opportunities, which is a clear indication of a scam!
  • Zion Finance creates crucial contact information. Beware!
  • Zion Finance does not have a license to provide its services. This is a red flag!
  • Zion Finance’s domain is extremely unpopular. Another off-putting detail!

Zion Finance products & services

Zion Finance claims it is an online investment platform that guarantees profits from 0.2% to 0.5% daily – although it might not look like it, it is far more than any company could achieve in a month of at least 15%. Zion Finance is a fraud.

Businesses promising high yields should be avoided as scammers are known to make big promises and set unrealistic expectations. Regulated financial companies can’t guarantee more than a few percentages per year with fixed-income products. These offers are very different from the standards of regulated financial companies. We suspect this is a scam based on the products and services they offer.

Zion Finance contact information and address

Zion Finance offers us two address lines: one in Hong Kong, and one in Britain. Suite C. Level 7. World Trust Tower. 50 Stanley Street. Central. Hong Kong and 45 Tabernacle Street London England England EC2A4AA, respectively. The company cannot operate from Hong Kong as it doesn’t have a license to do so. It is possible that the phone number +44 20 7048 3440 is fake.

Transparency is essential when it comes to investment brokers and companies. It’s part and parcel of the regulatory framework. Financial authorities can access regulated companies if they comply with certain transparency rules. This makes it less likely that fraudulent activities are conducted. Investors and traders can also verify the legitimacy of the company by checking the information they provide.

Zion Finance website information

Zion Finance’s website was created in 2018, which is quite old for a scam website. It hasn’t been licensed in more than 2 years, which is a clear indication of Zion Finances’ true intentions. Along with five other domains, the domain is located on the IP address USA. Even though the domain names were very questionable, the websites still worked. Therefore, no connection was possible to Zion Finance.

Zion Finance is not even ranked on SimilarWeb. This low traffic is another sign that Zion Finance may be a scam.

Website owners have successfully covered themselves against WhoIs lookups but failed to adhere to the principles of transparency as outlined above.

What products/services does Zion Finance offer?

This section of my Zion Finance review will focus on the products and services they offer.

Zion Finance offers a variety of services, including an investment plan, an app, and business loans.

You can expect a steady daily return on your investment every day with the investment plans

Loans and other investing strategies generate returns.

The company’s main currency is a variety of cryptocurrencies that you can deposit or withdraw your profits.

Zion Finance App

  • Zion Finance has also developed an app that its members can use.
  • The Zion Finance app can be downloaded on Android as well as the Google Play Store.
  • The app allows you to view your balance and daily profit. You can also make withdrawals and deposits.

How can you make money with Zion Finance?

This section of my Zion Finance review will cover how you can make money using them.

Zion Finance offers two ways to make money.

These include the investment package that they offer to potential investors as well as through their affiliate program.

Zion Finance Investment Plan

  • Zion Finance offers only one option for its investment plan.
  • The investment plan provides a 0.2% – 0.5% daily return.
  • You can start with a range of cryptocurrency currencies that the company offers.
  • There is a minimum amount you must start with, which I have posted below.
  • Below you will also find information about the various cryptocurrency options they accept for payment.
  • The reports reveal that Zion Finance has paid out returns on time up to this point.

Zion Finance Review: Real 0.2% Daily Return On Investment Or Big Scam?

My final thoughts and recommendation will be shared in the last section of my Zion Finance Review.

You can see in my review that there are many positive aspects to Zion Finance. There are also some negative points.

Zion Finance’s main feature is its long-term existence. This is an incredible accomplishment, considering the negative things I have found.

I find the negative aspects of this situation to be more important than the positives.

It is important to note that Zion Finance doesn’t have any licenses to offer securities in any of the countries they do business.

They haven’t been closed down due to their low ROI rates and 1-level affiliate program.

It is clear that the company reaps a large profit from member investments, with very little risk.

Another problem is not knowing who the owners of the company are. If anything happens to your profit or your investment, how do you contact these people to get legal advice?

Scam broker Zion Finance Ltd may be involved in possible fraud

These are just a few of the reasons we flagged this broker for being a scam broker in our Zion Finance Ltd review.

  • It is possible that the broker made false claims on its website.
  • These rules and regulations, as well as the Bonus and Withdrawal policy, are fraudulent and not legal.
  • The broker calls traders continuously and encourages them to invest more.
  • The broker promises high returns, but it is too good to be true.
  • These warnings might not be displayed on the website or hidden.
  • Brokers may be found in small, unregulated countries where it is easy to register a company. These countries are often havened for fraud brokers.
  • The broker can help you make profits. However, if you want to withdraw your money they will tell you their illegal withdrawal rules and you won’t be able to.
  • Although the broker is still operational, suddenly the broker’s website goes down or you can’t contact them. Without notifying existing traders, the broker may also change the website URL and name.

Would I recommend Zion Finance?

This could be the right program for you if you want a high-risk passive income system that will “might” last another few years.

It is not something I would recommend, however, due to the problems I experienced with it.

Because it is mandatory for investments and trading, we paid attention to the transparency and regulation in the above sections. Each company that offers financial services must be authorized by the local financial authority.

Some entities may operate without a license and commit investment fraud. It is best to only deal with licensed companies. Always check that they are. You won’t have any protection if you trade or do business with an unlicensed company. It’s almost impossible to recover losses if something goes wrong.

Fraudulent websites are popping up every day, making online scamming a popular trend. Despite financial authorities issuing more warnings year after year, the dangers remain and are growing exponentially. OneCoin scam is a good example of the dangers. Although it’s impossible to determine the exact loss, it’s estimated that it’s worth 15 billion. To avoid losing money, only trade with licensed and regulated businesses.

Is Zion finance a scam?

Zion Finance claims it is an online investment platform that guarantees profits from 0.2% to 0.5% daily – although it might not look like it, it is far more than any company could achieve in a month of at least 15%. Zion Finance is a fraud.

Where is the Zion finance office in Hong Kong?

Zion Finance LTD. Suite C. Level 7. World Trust Tower. 50 Stanley Street. Central. Hong Kong

Is Zion Finance regulated by FCA?

Regulation by – None Broker Warranty By – Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Zion Finance Ltd, an offshore broker, is not regulated in any region. The broker can operate in multiple countries without being regulated by any reputed authority such as CySec or ASIC or FCA.