How much do you get from Lululemon like new in 2024

What is the Lululemon Like New program?

Lululemon like new

The concept is also known as “Like New”. It’s a circular ecosystem allows customers to exchange gently used items in stores for e-gift cards and purchase previously owned apparel.

Like New was first tested in Texas and California in 2021. It uses a circular business model that allows shoppers to trade gently used Lululemon gear at any U.S. retailer. The rate is determined by what you trade in:

  • $5 for tank tops.
  • $10 for sweatshirts, hoodies and sweaters, as well as pants, crop tops, leggings, dresses, and bags.
  • $25 for outerwear.

Notable: Items such as accessories, yoga props or intimates, collaborations, and swimsuits are not accepted for trade-in. Lululemon then takes the garments and restores them, so they are ready to resell. This adds trustworthiness to the platform and gives us confidence that our purchasing is authentic.

How to shop Lululemon’s Like New platform

Lululemon launched the Like New website to celebrate Earth Day. Here shoppers can browse the gently-used picks. You can choose from various tops and bottoms, including Pace Maker Shorts which made it to our best workout shorts list. All at a fraction of the retail price.
This is a move that caters to both the eco-conscious and the budget-conscious. It looks positive to the athletic wear giant.

Lululemon’s Like New trade-in program has made it into the recommerce world.

It’s not surprising that both men and women love new Lululemon gear. You can see the demand for Lululemon products that have been previously owned by looking at Poshmark and their local Facebook Marketplace. Why? One, it is durable and can look brand new even though it has been around for many years. Lulu gear can be expensive, so getting gently used pieces at a steeply discounted price is a win-win situation.

Lululemon has launched its in-house trade-in and retail program just in time for Earth Day. The concept, called “Like New”, is a circular system where customers can trade gently used items in stores for an electronic gift card or purchase previously owned apparel online. The Like New landing page states, “We are keeping more of our gear in motion and out of landfills.” “We are committed to reducing waste, and getting the best out of every piece that we make.”

Touch Lululemon Like New

Lululemon keeps more of Lululemon gear in motion and away from landfills. Lululemon’s resale program, lululemon Like New, is now available in the U.S. It reduces Lululemon’s carbon footprint and helps restore a healthy planet. Like New profits will be reinvested 100% into sustainability initiatives such as circular product design, renew-and-recycle programs, and store environmental programs.

What you Need to know

What is the actual process? You can now walk into any 394 Lululemon shops (exempting outlets) and submit the product you are ready to part with. No receipts are required! You’llYou’ll be able to give the product to an employee to have it checked for quality, and if approved, an email credit will be sent to you. The items are professionally cleaned and posted online to the Like New website. They’reThey’re then again available for purchase at a reduced price. Align High-Rise Crop Leggings sell for $88 but can be purchased for $45-$49 like new.

The fine print: To be accepted for trade-in, items must be in good order. Gear with stains, pills or rips will not be accepted. Accessories, yoga props and intimates are not accepted for trade-in. You can either keep the items you don’tdon’t like or donate them to the store. Debrand, Lululemon’s textile recycling partner and Lululemon’s textile recycling partner, can then repurpose the pieces from mattresses to home insulation.

Last year, Lululemon piloted the program in 82 stores across Texas and California. The brand received an overwhelmingly positive response, and customers traded more than 66,500 products within three months. This averaged seven trade-ins per customer, exceeding its resale expectations by over 200%. Lululemon’s global guest innovation vice president Maureen Erickson said that the pilot program showed us that guests are enthusiastic about participating. This made it easy to scale up this program nationally.

Lululemon’s Impact Agenda is taking a major step towards Like New, which will help it achieve its main goal of reducing the company’s environmental impact. It includes making 100% of its products from sustainable materials and providing end-of-use solutions for all its products by 2030. Like New will see all profits (or 2%) go back into sustainability efforts. Erickson states that Like New prolongs the product’s life and reinvests 100% into future sustainability initiatives. This helps us move towards circularity and better climate impacts through new guest models, less waste, and sustainable material innovation.

Like new will be a big hit with Lululemon lovers. There are nearly 5,000 items on the site and many pieces that were hard to find years ago. Long-time fans of the brand are well aware that the brand makes just enough to avoid overproduction. For those rare occasions, head straight to We Made Too Many.

Like New offers a seamless online shopping experience, it is detailed and intuitive, with many filters (size, colour, collection etc.). These filters allow shoppers to quickly find what they are looking for. Customers can choose between “Good as New” or “Gently Used” condition. Prices vary depending on the item and can range from $4 to $15. Gently Used items are free from flaws. Good as New products have no flaws. However, Gently Used products may show slight signs of wear. You will be given notes to let you know what to expect, such as “one pinhole in the left arm” or “faint discolouration in multiple locations.”

What we wanted

We wanted to see the Like New merchandise in action. I was able to try out several pieces in person. Each item arrived in a Like New box. All of the products I tried, including Align leggings and a Nouveau Limits jacket, a Define jacket and a Run Bundle Up Jacket, had all their tags removed.

The jackets came with Like New stamps, and the leggings included an internal tag with size information and washing instructions. Each item was clean and free from stains, fading, lint or other nasty stuff you might find in second-hand clothing. They smelled great, almost like a fancy detergent.

What we Dislike

The only thing I would say about the pieces was that the fleece on my Run Bundle Up jacket had some wear. It wasn’t crusty or pilling, but it didn’t look new. Some pieces had moderate wrinkles, but this was not a problem.

Importantly, orders and like-new orders cannot be combined as they ship from different locations. Like New orders over $125 qualify for free shipping. Returns are subject to a flat $7.50 fee.


Overall, the like New experience I have had is a resale luxury. This is far higher than browsing the racks in a secondhand shop, and New is ultimately a win for everyone involved: the planet, the consumer, and the brand.

You can see some of my favourites, Like New, picks here, or browse the entire collection — which is, as a reminder, constantly updated as customers trade in new products in-store.

Lululemon Like New Listing


Like New offers everything you need to start a new routine, whether you are returning to school or the office.

Orders over $125 qualify for free shipping.

Women’s Like New

Women’s Summer
Grab versatile gear while the sun is shining.
Women’s Align
On you, the icon lives on.
Women’s Pants
Comfort at any length, with less impact.

Men’s Like New

Men’s Summer
Last call for Like New summer hauls
Men’s ABC Pants
Unreal comfort with a real impact.
Men’s Metal Vent Tech
Superior airflow with a side of good feelings.

Is Lululemon like new affiliated with Lululemon?

The brand’s new initiative, the lululemon Like New program, is designed to allow people to buy and sell used products. What’s this? You can bring your items to any lululemon shop and get credit through a gift certificate. This allows you to shop online or in-store for new products.

How much do you get from Lululemon like new?

Customers will get $5 store credit for tank tops and shorts; $10 for leggings and crops; $25 for pants, skirts, sweaters and pants; and $25 to cover outerwear.

is lululemon like new legit

The brand’s new initiative, the lululemon Like New program, is designed to allow people to buy and sell used products. What’s this? You can bring your items to any lululemon shop and get credit through a gift certificate to use online or in-store.

when does lululemon like new restock

Lululemon offers a way to indulge yourself by buying a new product every Tuesday at 6:15 p.m. According to The Krazy Coupon Lady. This section is for those who want to treat themselves and spend more, as Lululemon always begins with limited stock to meet demand.

Can you use gift cards on lululemon like new

Gift cards cannot be used in our concession shops (shop-ins), on the Luulemon Like New website, or with our wholesale partners.

Can you return like new lululemon

You can rest easy if you are looking to make a refund. You can return your items in person or by post. Gift cards, face masks and gear from the We Made Too Much section cannot be returned or exchanged. Shoes must be returned in their original packaging, and proof of purchase is required.

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